Myths About Undocumented Folks DEBUNKED

I am not an expert on immigration at all, but I find myself often explaining to others about the falsities fed to them by corrupt media and government on the matter, and I feel the need to talk about it.

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to talk to a relative about undocumented people, and the conversation was disturbing to say the least. Their main arguments were… Mexicans are stealing our jobs, using our government resources, and they’re a bunch of criminals.

I found myself getting extremely heated, and everything I had ever learned in an ethnic studies class or workshop on the immigration community disappeared from my brain, and I was filled with rage. So I’ve created a list of thoughtful responses to people who have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes down to immigration and links to resources for more information.

Please feel free to provide more context, information, or any info or links you may feel are helpful.

They’re all Mexicans.

Although a good portion of undocumented immigrants in our country are of Latin American or Latinx descent, they’re not all from Mexico. Many immigrants come from China, India, the Caribbean, and our neighbors to the North, Canada. Heavily patrolling one side of the country out of fear is extremely racist and xenophobic.

They’re all criminals.

For fear of being deported, many undocumented people don’t participate in illegal activity. Actually, a contingency of young people who are protected by DACA or deferred action programs is that they do not commit crimes.

They’re using government aid.

Because they’re not United States citizens they can’t receive government aid contrary to popular belief. (Don’t worry your tax dollars are only supporting your fellow Americans.) Did you know that some undocumented immigrants pay taxes in hopes of becoming citizens one day? We receive millions of dollars from undocumented people every year who never receive a refund or are able to uses the resources they financially support.

They’re illegal aliens.

No person is illegal. Words like that demean people’s existence. Yes, a person has done something illegal, but they themselves are not. It’s wrong and simply poor language. Alien is also derogatory. You’re suggesting that they’re not even human. Using inhumane language helps individuals like #45 justify there removal from our country and blatant mistreatment and disrespect.

They’re stealing our jobs and our students spots in colleges.

Students are admitted into four year universities based on merit and academic talent. If your student didn’t gain admission into a college, chances are that they weren’t academically competitive enough to attend. And that’s okay. There are many other colleges that will welcome them with open arms.

They should just come into the country legally.

It’s actually a very difficult process to become a citizen in the United States. It can take up to 30 years and costs thousands of dollars. It’s very easy for us to take this for granted. After all, we were just born here. We didn’t have to pass a series of tests or thousands of dollars to continue to live here. This country was built on the blood of American Indians, the backs of Black Slaves, and the sweat and tears of immigrants of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Don’t we have an obligation to open our borders up to the people we’ve abused the most?

Lastly, I want to remind you that all that this information is great to know to use at your next family reunion because we’re all related to a MAGA Meathead, but prioritize your own mental health and the mental health of those you want to advocate for and protect. You can say all of this until you’re blue in the face, but it may not change the mind of someone completely stuck in their ways. Pick your battles and remember to vote for well informed folks to lead this country in a better direction.



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