When simple minded men get defensive…

They will tell you that you are dumb.

They will say you have no idea what you are talking about.

They will call you fat.

And tell you that you are ugly.

They will say no man wants you.

They will say you are just single and bitter.

They may even call you a feminazi.

They will liken you to a pig, a cow, and various other farm animals.

And they will call you a bitch.

They will call you a bitch several times.

They will call you a slut, too. Even if it is not true. Especially if it is not true.

But don’t get upset, you hurt their feelings.

They have to reinflate themselves  after you popped their egos.

They feel vulnerable.

You broke them.

And they are crumbling into a million tiny pieces so


Be proud.

You did that.


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